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    TPO Effect

    TPO’s consultants are armed with proprietary, exclusive tools to help shape, measure and improve critical programs and processes in your organization. One example is TPO’s Onboarding Productivity Measurement Tool, a data-driven resource that helps reduce non-productive compensation among new hires—and speeds the process of identifying bad hires. More >

    About TPO, Inc.

    At TPO, we’re on a mission to redefine human resources and challenge traditional perceptions about the role and impact of HR. And we’re doing it with a unique, data-driven approach that empowers you to achieve extraordinary results through your people. Offering a full range of strategic consulting, outsourcing, interim and on-call HR services, our consultants and data-driven tools deliver expert, cost-effective HR solutions that address more than just paperwork and processes. We build a clear bridge between your business priorities and the keys to achieving them: the programs that cultivate and activate your people.

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    • Myron Boncarosky

      TPO is helping us make a transition. Candidly, I was skeptical at first about what they said they could accomplish to reduce turnover, but they've more than fulfilled expectations. I'm from Missouri, the “Show Me” state, and they've certainly…

    What Our Clients Say

    What Our Clients Say

    “TPO has brought a level of expertise and experience to our HR function that we could not hope to achieve in a traditional employment context. They have provided effective and sensitive advice and council to employees, supervisors, managers and to me.” – Stan Richards, President, The Richards Corporation

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