TPO's 20th Birthday

The word “milestone” gets used a lot in business. Client milestones, project milestones, internal milestones. Then every so often you come upon an occasion that really lives up to the word. We are heading towards such a milestone: TPO’s 20th Birthday. 20 years! Two decades!

We thought this deserved a special commemoration. So we’ve launched TPO@20!, a yearlong, retrospective blog series that takes a fun and hopefully insightful look back at what’s changed in “how we work” over the last 20 years–and what hasn’t. To make it collaborative–in true TPO spirit–TPO@20! will feature the perspectives of several of our partners and clients, in addition to TPO employees.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating TPO’s 20th year in business by reading the blog series (below)–and contributing your thoughts and observations in the Comments section.