When Do Organizations Call TPO?

A variety of circumstances drive the need for TPO’s unique breed of services.  Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • My HR department isn’t working.
  • We’re growing so fast that we can’t keep up.
  • The person I just hired isn’t fitting in or producing.
  • Our revenue is lagging.  What should we be doing differently?
  • Every time we make a great hire, he or she turns around and goes to a competitor.
  • We’re restructuring and getting a new CEO.  How should we realign?
  • I can’t keep up with labor law compliance.  Can someone else manage that for me?
  • How can we bring our new vision and mission to life with our workforce?
  • How can we boost morale among our team members?
  • Our HR director is going on leave.  How can I fill the void while he or she is gone?
  • We’re implementing a new service line.  What do our people need to do differently?  And do we even have the right people?
  • Are our salaries market competitive?
  • We have a business plan.  What’s next, and how do we align our individual staff objectives with our business objectives?
  • I need help finding people with new skills, fresh thinking–change agents and people who can lead initiatives.