Employment Investigations

Are you in need of an independent employment investigation? Many employers find themselves in the challenging position of needing to investigate workplace complaints made by employees. These complaints may range from informal accusations of harassment to formal written complaints of discrimination or ethical violations. These types of allegations create significant liability risks for the employer if the workplace investigations are not handled appropriately and impartially.

When an employee makes an informal or formal allegation of any nature, the employer should take immediate steps to stop the alleged dispute and begin an impartial investigation. Responsive action to a complaint by the employer will demonstrate the employer’s credibility and exhibit best practices, as well as help identify any internal issues before they become widespread. In fact, many federal and state harassment and discrimination laws create a legal responsibility for employers to promptly investigate employee complaints.

At TPO, we offer experienced HR professionals to investigate objectively with no stake in the outcome. We have the knowledge of employment laws, experience in performing both informal and formal investigations, and have the interpersonal skills to build rapport with all involved parties. We are able to work closely with employers, attorneys, or as part of an investigative team.