Clients Say the Most Amazing Things: A Noisy Environment is the Most Important Time to Have a Clear Mission

April 2nd, 2014
Written by: Admin

From time to time, TPO posts first-hand C-Level business perspectives, excerpted from an ongoing series of conversations we have with our clients. This one is from the head of a transportation and energy consulting firm. 

We’re operating in an environment that is a lot more open in many respects–in terms of the information that flows into a company, the change in the global workplace, the economic circumstances that we’re all under, and in the kind of dysfunctionality of government which looks like we’ll be going through for a while. It’s even more important at times like this to be able to clearly convey what our organization does and what its mission is.

Not just for external purposes, but internally–to state what is the purpose of every individual or job function within the organization. To provide a meaningful context in which people work is important, and it’s something that I think is worth giving a great deal more thought given the noisy and dynamic business environment in which we are all operating. If you have a muddled mission or it isn’t clearly articulated, you have no chance of standing out and creating loyalty among external constituents and employees.

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