Clients Say the Most Amazing Things: We Want CEOs to Consider HR as Strategic–Think Medicine, not Nursing

July 13th, 2013
Written by: Dana Papke

From time to time, TPO  posts first-hand C-level business perspectives, excerpted from an ongoing series of conversations we have with our clients.  Here’s one from the President of a U.S. Not-for-Profit Financial Services Publishing Organization:

“I’m a strong believer in what I call strategic HR. HR is very, very vital to the management of an organization. They have to be part of the management team. It’s not just the nurse’s office where we send our little problems. There’s a lot of new thinking in the HR area that I want to find out more about and that I’m intrigued with.

“But I think the function of what we’re discussing, HR, is vital to the organization, and coming up with these metrics and measuring how you’re taking care of staff and how you’re improving staff, training, compensation, benefits, all of it. But I think CEOs who don’t value the HR operation are making a tremendous mistake.”

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