Reinforcing the mission: For TPO, it’s all in the wrist(bands).

October 2nd, 2013
Written by: Admin

Every important message in business has to continually be reinforced to the intended audience. Otherwise it’s just a bunch of words that blend into the background noise.

For example, TPO’s mission, or mantra if you will, is to make sure our clients’ HR strategies and priorities are driven by their business objectives and priorities. This ensures that HR remains an indispensable extension of their business strategy, not just overhead costs that focus on processing forms. Our home page even challenges visitors to “Involve HR in your strategy and planning process. You just might start something.”

IMG_2327bTo make sure we live up to these words, we constantly reinforce the message to our consultants and staff. Which is why at our monthly all employee meetings (yes, we make time for this each month because it is so critical for everyone to be on the same page), we all wear the wristbands shown above, which say, “What’s the business impact?” This is a fairly small but effective (and inexpensive) reminder to focus our work on what really matters: our clients’ bottom lines.

Otherwise, your important message might just be words that don’t penetrate the background noise.If you have an important message that is central to the success of your business or non-profit organization, are you communicating frequently enough and in enough ways for it to stick? Try some new techniques–it doesn’t have to be a wristband, although we’ve found them effective. 

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