Clients Say the Most Amazing Things: Improper Onboarding Leads to Problems That Are Harder to Fix Later

November 6th, 2013
Written by: Dana Papke

From time to time, TPO posts first-hand C-level business perspectives, excerpted from an ongoing series of conversations we have with our clients.  This one is from the Executive Director of a National Professional Association:

“One of the things we’re going to prioritize is a well thought through onboarding process as contributing to employee engagement, especially getting them up to speed and engaged faster.  It’s time to go back and look at that process and see how we can use that as a tool to really bring people in the door and get them started right. Because it really does make sense that if you get somebody off to the right start, you’re way ahead of the game in terms of correcting things that are a result of them not getting off to the right start down the road.  And since things compound, the better trajectory out of the gate earlier, the much further ahead you’re going to be.”

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