Unique Approach

TPO EffectSM
Our Uniquely Business-Centric, Data-Driven Approach

TPO is not a typical outsourced HR provider.  After two decades of providing first-rate consulting services, we decided to find a better way for clients to quantify the value of HR as it relates to their business goals and priorities.   That’s why we developed TPO EffectSM—our unique approach to HR and business consulting that’s based on people, process and exclusive data-driven tools.

Here’s why we’re different:

  • Expertise in HR and beyond.  TPO’s consultants are experienced human capital strategists who understand your big picture business goals in addition to the tactical aspects of HR.  We specialize in changing an organization’s strategy lens to help leaders recognize the critical impact of people priorities across every facet of a business.
  • Deep discovery process.  Our assignment is to develop a keen understanding of your organization’s objectives, business challenges and culture and then use what we learn to build a people strategy around your business strategy.  As a result, we come to know you so well that your company essentially becomes our company.
  • Research-based tools and methodologies.  When TPO says a strategy is the best, we know it really is the best because of our reliance on best-in-class tools and practices that are backed by research and experience.  TPO clients benefit from our proprietary, exclusive suite of data-driven toolkits that tie HR practices to key business metrics.
  • Long-term, trusted partnerships.  We pride ourselves on the deep relationships we build with leaders of small and medium-sized organizations.  So it’s no surprise that most of TPO’s business is referral-based; in fact, the CEOs of the companies we serve are our largest source of new business.
  • Input from multiple disciplines.  While we bring our own unique expertise to your organization, TPO understands that you may also have needs that require other areas of expertise—from banking, to payroll, to employment law.  So when needs arise, we leverage our deep industry relationships and connect you with leading service providers, inside and outside the HR discipline.