Onboarding Process for New Employees

TPO’s Onboarding Productivity Measurement Toolkit

Onboarding—or the way in which new employees are brought into your organization—is a business priority, responsibility and investment with quantifiable impact.  Make the right hire and your business can thrive.  But make a bad hiring decision, or waste time waiting for a new hire to improve, and there can be bottom-line consequences.

TPO’s Onboarding Productivity Measurement Toolkit is a proprietary, research-based resource that builds a bridge between the recruiting process and the time to new employee productivity.  Our consultants leverage this tool to help shape and transform your organization’s onboarding process—and deliver measurable results.

The Toolkit diagnoses and measures the business impact of onboarding based on three key metrics:

  1. Time to Productivity: The amount of time it takes a new hire to become fully capable in his or her job and provide a positive impact to your business.
  2. Acceleration of “Bad” Hire Terminations: An approach to enable companies to deal swiftly with bad hire decisions that cost much more than bruised egos.  Managers are often reluctant to act swiftly even when they already suspect a negative outcome.  TPO can help them act more efficiently to make a “no-go” decision, thereby saving the additional time, money and soft costs associated with a protracted termination decision later in the employee’s first year.
  3. Investment Protection: The cost savings achieved by helping the employee feel quickly and happily situated with his or her new employer and less likely to make a negative employment continuation decision in the first 120 days of employment—the “danger zone” for new hire satisfaction.

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  • Enhance the speed at which new employees become productive.
  • Protect your recruiting investment by reducing short-term turnover and enhancing long-term retention.
  • Rapidly identify and address bad hires.

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