Advocacy Success Story – HR

TPO Client

The CFO of a large international advocacy organization.

Background and Challenges

The client first contacted us when his organization was faced with severe financial issues and anticipated a Reduction in Force (RIF) of 20%. TPO was initially retained to support the workforce reduction and was subsequently retained by the new CEO to support the rebuilding of the organization.

TPO Recommendations and Solutions (Two Major Phases)


  • Planned workforce needs through organization’s financial challenges.
  • Ensured retention of core talent in positions critical to the organization’s future.
  • Built a workforce plan to support a return to profitable operations.
  • Proactively addressed employee concerns and workplace culture.
  • Worked with the Board on the succession of the CEO.


  • Provided all HR functions allowing executives to focus on other critical needs.
  • Supported implementation of the organization’s turnaround plans.
  • Upgraded key positions including fundraising, public relations and programming.
  • Developed a human capital plan for growth.
  • Established safeguards to prevent a repeat of previous problems.
  • Improved staff retention through a variety of methods.
  • Built a performance management system that linked and measured individual performance and overall organization success.
  • Grew infrastructure as development initiatives succeeded.

Results and Other Outcomes

  • Regained its position as an international leader in its field of advocacy.
  • Successfully transitioned a new CEO indicated by retention of executive talent and minimal operational impact.
  • Expanded organizational capabilities through upgrading key positions and creative recruiting strategies.
  • Grew beyond its original size to more than 175 employees.
  • Completed a capital campaign that created 20 positions.
  • Rebuilt the HR function and implemented modern practices such as employee intranet and an HRIS.