Direct Mail Success Story

TPO Client

Direct Mail services firm


Quantify and reduce turnover in a particular department that is key to the company’s success.

Challenges Identified by TPO

As part of our initial client launch, we learned our client was experiencing a problem in a department critical to the company’s success. While the client did not measure turnover, they knew it was high, somewhere around 50%. They understood the impact; many hours were spent interviewing and training new employees and morale was dismal. What they wondered, but could not quantify, is the impact on their business. The supervisors in the department shared that they felt pressured to become managers, really did not like supervising, and did not feel confident they were good at managing people. The company executives expected every employee to aspire to a supervisory position within the company. Those that did not were not “right for our company.”

TPO Recommendations and Solutions

  • Over several months, TPO implemented processes and changes to address the issues.
  • Turnover was tracked and reported to the client; exit interview data was collected and analyzed.
  • TPO worked with the company leadership to identify key success criteria for each element of their workforce. Understanding the unique contribution and value at each level of their workforce allowed for changed performance expectations.
  • Position profiles were created as the basis for filling positions that included required skills for managing.
  • Supervisors were interviewed for fit in their current positions; some choose to remain as supervisors, some elected to return to their former positions where they were successful, and a few chose to leave the firm.
  • Management training was implemented including recruiting and interviewing skills.
  • TPO designed a recruiting process to provide consistency and improve hiring outcomes.
  • Working teams were established to tackle topics ranging from new employee orientation to customer service training.

Results and Other Outcomes

  • After eighteen months of working with TPO, turnover in the department decreased to 10%.
  • In fact, the department contained more people with tenure over one year than at any other point in the decade-long history of the company.
  • As a direct result of the turnover reduction, the organization experienced a 15% increase in both retained and repeat business.