Government Contractor Success Story

TPO Client

Government Contracting Firm

Background and Objectives

Ten years after spinning off from its non-profit parent, this government contractor implemented a new strategic initiative designed to grow and ultimately result in a liquidity event in the next three to five years. The company’s early efforts were successful, and the previously stagnant organization was now a growth company. By the time the client contacted TPO, they had more than tripled in size and expected to double again in the next 18 months. Worried about having the right people and infrastructure to seize their moment, the client engaged TPO to help achieve its strategic plan.

Challenges Identified by TPO

  • There was one key individual with deep relationships in a particular agency that accounted for the growth. Unintentionally, the company had an opportunistic approach to winning contracts and lacked a capture strategy.
  • The company hired key talent away from a large, well-respected competitor. While this provided the benefits of relationships and experience, it also introduced a culture that conflicted with both the historical culture inherited from the non-profit and the desired culture of the new company.
  • One of the key executives was a long-term employee, extremely loyal, yet under skilled for the challenges ahead.

TPO Recommendations and Solutions

  • A workforce plan was created for the business development function that indicated how to expand the function both as the company grew and as it implemented a more directed business development strategy.
  • Compensation was analyzed for sales roles and the bonus plan was modified.
  • TPO worked with the client to articulate its unique culture.
  • Existing practices and internal communications were audited for consistency with the culture. Audit findings were used to modify hiring processes, performance management programs, rewards and recognition programs, and internal communications.
  • Recruiting efforts to fill two key openings were halted until the key executive’s skill gap was addressed.
  • TPO provided interim support to minimize the impact of the vacancies.
  • After coaching, the executive accepted a new, more limited, position.
  • Using the new hiring processes, TPO filled the key executive position.

Results and Other Outcomes

Several months into the engagement, our client continues to win business at a frenetic pace. With the right focus and team at the top, a unified culture created for success, and a workforce plan in place, the company is now measuring its progress and on track to meet its goals.