Trade Organization Success Story

TPO Client

National Trade Organization

Background and Objectives

The CEO was under pressure to act on his Board’s belief that to successfully meet the increasing demands of members, the organization had to grow at least 20% each year. He needed to expand the organization’s membership base, grow service and revenue streams, and build business processes at the same pace as the industry it represented. The CEO recognized his need for support to design and implement the employee programs and services to underpin this period of critical change. He felt his greatest risk was his team spending too much time responding to day-to-day management matters, and not enough time deploying resources to achieve the business objectives.

TPO Recommendations and Solutions

  • TPO developed an HR Strategy that integrated all HR activities with the client’s business plan.
  • Developed clear responsibilities and targets for each position and drew a picture of what success looked like creating a sense of achievement and thus engagement.
  • Articulated the critical link between staff’s day-to-day experience and how each individual contributed to strategic objectives.
  • Managed routine HR operations freeing the executive team to focus on the objectives.
  • Designed and introduced a workforce plan that included an effective recruiting program and a unique employee orientation program.
  • Developed a performance and incentive program tied to the strategic plan.
  • Translated the strategic plan into specific individual employee objectives at all levels of the organization.
  • Furthered employee understanding of how to focus their time resulting in improved achievement. Communicated progress of key initiatives in a unique framework.
  • Linked year-end performance assessment and rewards to a shared and public review of organization success.

Results and Other Outcomes

  • Revenue rose 200%, from $5M to over $15M.
  • Membership grew 61%.
  • Staff increased from 21 to 58 employees.
  • Talent retention was 98%.
  • Individuals achieved 105% of their targets indicating they exceeded performance goals.