Why TPO?

Because We Start With—And Never Stop Focusing On—Your Business Goals

HR doesn’t start with processes and paperwork—and neither do we.  We begin every discussion with a thorough review of your business priorities.  In addition to taking the tactical aspects of HR off your hands, TPO helps you align your people-related priorities with your overall strategy so that HR is constantly driving tangible business results.  TPO helps you:

  • Learn to better leverage your people resources.
  • Discover how value-added HR support is directly connected to your business drivers.
  • Achieve bottom-line results for your organization better and faster.
  • Gain peace of mind knowing that your tactical HR headaches are in the hands of TPO’s experts.
  • Develop and implement strategies to help you enhance employee performance, engagement and retention.
  • Enjoy a deep, trusted relationship with a TPO consultant who truly understands what keeps you up at night.

Tap into TPO EffectSM
Our Uniquely Business-Centric, Data-Driven Approach

Any HR consulting firm can claim to have a unique approach or methodology.  But to bring that claim to life, they need consultants who are trained from a business perspective—not just as HR people—and who know how to leverage tools that actually measure how people-related programs impact business priorities.  And that’s TPO.  Our consultants:

  • Are trusted experts and advisors in HR who also have deep experience in business and management.  So we understand how to make your people priorities work toward your business goals.
  • Are armed with TPO’s unique toolkits—a suite of proprietary, evidenced-based methodologies that enable you to measure how well HR programs are working to achieve business priorities.

Learn more about TPO EffectSM, our uniquely business-centric, data-driven approach.

The Power Of A Focused Expert.  The Value Of An Experienced Team.

TPO’s consultants and management team boast a diverse range of business and management experience.  Our consultants have worked in large businesses and small, at the C-level and in management and operations.  So we consider ourselves students of business and the people who make businesses work.

“How’s Business?”

It’s a simple question, but it’s how TPO starts every engagement and meeting.  And it’s why clients tend to describe us as curious, open-minded, candid and courageous.  They refer to us as a “safe harbor,” a “sounding board,” and capable of “making the invisible visible.”