Clients Say the Most Amazing Things: Combining Evaluations & Training to Create an Environment that’s Conducive to Performance

September 17th, 2013
Written by: Dana Papke

From time to time, TPO posts first-hand C-Level business perspectives, excerpted from an ongoing series of conversations with our clients. This one is from the President of a professional association in the legal industry:

“For our staff, some of the issues and some of the topics that we’re focusing on (with training and development) include things like change management, conflict management and financial management. All of these are issues that organizations have had to deal with forever since I’ve been working professionally. But there seems to be a particular urgency today.

“We are bringing in outside trainers once or twice a month over the next year, having a 3 to 4 hour class and making it very interactive with our staff on a particular topic. And at the same time we try to identify areas where individual staff members need to improve and we build it into their evaluations and to the goals that are established for the year. And so, it might be that they need to have a particular focus on fiscal management let’s say. Or they may need some particular focus on their communication skills. And so, it’s a combination of evaluating them on particular areas, and at the same time we’re offering training in these areas, as well.”


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